Why We Are Riding

We need a climate revolution. We need one now.

A group of us are getting on our bikes on Friday to tell a story. A story of why we must move quickly from a reliance on fossil fuels and consuming more than is sustainable to a low-carbon future – AND how we can move from our past industrial age based on fossil fuel to a new positive low-carbon economy and society which values nature-based solutions.



Friday is the day before Scotland’s Climate March where thousands of people will descend on Edinburgh to call for an ambitious new deal at the Paris COP conference and for action on climate change in Scotland. We wanted to help highlight these events and show commitment to the cause so we will be setting out on a 70mile ride through central Scotland the day before the March. But its not just any old endurance ride.

Climate Revolution cycle ride

So what’s the story?

We start at Kinneil House where James Watt had a workshop and in 1765 invented his revolutionary steam engine which kick-started the industrial revolution. Nothing wrong with that on its own but its a reminder of where we have come from and our responsibility in Scotland to lead by example. Close by is the huge oil refinery of Grangemouth – a symbol of the dirty fossil fuel based energy system we need to move away from. Weather permitting, we may even get a view of Longannet coal fired power station across the Forth. After Grangemouth we ride up hill to positive examples of the sort of action we need in a low-carbon future:

  • Beechbrae Community Garden – has received Climate Challenge funding from the Scottish Government,
  • Blawhorn Moss – a peatland which is a natural store of carbon,
  • Torrance Farm Windfarm – a small scale windfarm from which the community benefits,
  • Central Scotland Green Network office in Shotts to hear about the climate change and green infrastructure projects they have on the go,
  • Blacklaw Windfarm owned by Scottish Power – recently awarded the Nature of Scotland award for their peatland restoration work at the site,
  • Harlaw Hydro – a community owned renewables project near Balerno.

We will end in Edinburgh where the march will start the next day. Come and join us for the March – http://www.stopclimatechaos.org/march

Climate Revolution Route

That’s why we are riding – to tell a positive story of how we can meet the challenge of climate change. It starts with the past but ends with a March and a call for a Climate Revolution.

Black law windfarm Scottish Power Renewables_tcm9-264613


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